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Thursday, January 07, 2010


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I would replace the main sakeeprs with full sized sakeeprs and ditch the sub. You could certainly find some sakeeprs that are able to cover a large frequency range and sound really nice.Dont get me wrong, subs are great if they are setup well, but most people (myself included) have no idea how to set up a sub they just end up sounding distracting. I've heard subs in some high-end audio stores that sound amazing because they know how to position them, set the cutoff frequency, etc and you hear a seamless blend with the other main sakeeprs you can't even tell that they are running a sub. On the other hand the people that I know with subs, it is obvious that they are running a sub.If you start with a nice pair of full-sized mains, you could always add a sub later to suit your needs. But I guarantee you will be happier with the full-sized instead of your bookshelf/sub setup.


Home theater-av rceeevir question?My family is finally finishing the basement and turning it into a home theater/bar lounge. My dad wants 2 sets of speakers one for the home theater and one in the bar but he wants to run both through the same av receiver.QUESTION NUMBA 1- Not ever owning a av rceeevir i want to know will the av rceeevir remote contol everything(dvd, speakers, television channel etc.)??QUESTION NUMBER 2- What remote or device should i purchase so my dad control the av receiver and all of its connect devices. Remember he's in the other room so he needs to know what he's clicking, so he doesn't attept to adjust the speaker volume only to change the channel in the other room.Oh and will the harmony remote work?-WOULD REALLY LIKE SOMETHING CHEAPERThe price scares me cause it was going to be a gift to my dad $300 is a lot of money to someone in highschool. I thought i'd lighten the price by purchase a small but crucial product. Everything else is pretty nice;1080p sanyo projector w/ screen yamaha(not sure which one) av receiver and bose sound system. Plus a new basement. YeHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!


Review: On a good HDTV monitor with an HDMI cocnention, the video from this receiver is just stunning.There are several things you should know:1 30 hour' refers to HDTV recording capacity. For normal, non-HDTV programming, you'll get much, much more than 30 hours.2 For some reason, DirecTV has not upgraded the software to Tivo Series 2. That means no folders grouping together saved programs, no support for the USB ports (no broadband cocnention, you MUST use a modem), no Home Media Option or video sharing.3 There's a bug in the digital audio output which causes digital audio to fail with some amplifiers. Fortunately, my amp was firmware-upgradeable to be more forgiving about the audio format. From what I've read, the receiver fails to send proper headers on the audio and sometimes (when you're changing channels, going forward or backward) this causes audio to cut out completely. I found that I needed to restart my amp to get audio back. DirecTV does not acknowledge this problem.4 Over time we've seen more little audio and video glitches than I've ever seen with any other model Tivo or DirecTV receiver. Nothing serious, but kind of annoying.5 There is very little HDTV programming available on DirecTV at the moment. Unless you live in LA or NY or you're rural enough to qualify to receive distant stations, you're unlikely to be allowed to get the LA or NY HDTV feeds of local channels. This is a government restriction, not DirecTV's fault. There's one PPV channel in HD format, and there are HD feeds of HBO and Showtime plus a few other things. Definitely check with DirecTV to see what you'll be able to receive before jumping on this.6 DirecTV is working on bringing out lot more HDTV programming, including local network stations, but the rumor is that in order to do this they're going to switch to a new compression format that this receiver won't support. It's too early to say whether they'll provide a graceful upgrade path or will stick you with a thousand dollar receiver/recorder that can't receive the bulk of their programming, but consider yourself warned.


Hey Mark, the Pace DVR will switch depending on what resolution the broadcast is in currently so if it is in 720, that is what the Pace will reflect, if this helps you out at all.

Mark Richards

I tried the new Pace DVR box and had problems with it. It kept going back and forth from 1080 HDMI to 720, and I have 1080 on my tv. I took back the box and tried another Pace box and had the same result. I went back for a third trip and demanded the old Motorola box and no problems. I find it hard to believe that my 2 bad Pace boxes were just coincidences.


Here is the URL for the PACE HD DVR - http://www.pace.com/corporate/products/productDetails.asp?nav=products&productID=DCABLE-TDC787X%20Aspen that Insight provides. This is an inferior product to the DirecTV HD DVR H2x series shown here http://www.directv.com/learn/pdf/System_Manuals/DIRECTV/DTV_HD_DVR_ComboGuide.pdf

Any chance Insight could improve the headend and set-top equipment to at least match DirecTVs?


I recently switched from DirecTV to Insight’s triple play services. Overall, not bad, however, the DirecTV experience thus far has been a better one. Here are the reasons why.

1) The set-top boxes that DirecTV deploy – so much better. I'm speaking of the DVR HD box they (DirecTV) have vs. Insight’s box.
2) The menu on DirecTV is much cleaner. HD channels are with the non – HD counterparts – so no need to scroll or enter 900 to begin the HD hunt. In addition, the DVR has the same program in a folder. So if I recorded Blue’s Clues on a DVR from DirecTV I see the folder Blue’s Clues one recording more than one episode vs. seeing each recorded episode and the need to scroll through each one. Recording programs too is much cleaner and simple (or more so) to do on the DirecTV box, really one touch recording. Fast Forwarding or rewinding is also better on the DirecTV box, which it will back up 30 seconds or so to compensate for our inability to stop right when the program starts or when you want it to start. Search also is very easy and more efficient on the DirecTV box. On demand is also cleaner as it is one user interface for all on demand titles. I still can’t see how I can find Top Gear (BBC) on demand on Insight’s Cable.

I can go on and on about the ease of use of DirecTV and the cumbersome menus and design layout of Insight’s menus, etc. Do you see needs for improvement regarding overall menu layout, DVR, and On Demand services? If anyone else notices this please include your comments.

Max Tash

I agree, I want MLBTV HD in Northern KY.

Donald in NKY

PS: I clicked thru on a banner link over at AVSForum.com. I did not know that Insight was familiar with the web's most comprehensive AV website period. More HD! What great news.

Louisville will probably get this before NKY. It's happened before.

Donald in NKY

This is great news. Horray for MSNBC-HD. I've gotten a little tired of them, but their drum will be crystal-clear now -- if they actually use HD cameras in studio.

I hope Comedy Central is one of the secret HD's coming. But it cannot be easy negotiating with the likes of Viacom and Fox (I said it so you don't have to).


I want MLBTV HD in Northern KY !!!!!!!!

Tim Rolfes

Thanks for MSNBC in HD.


When will you roll out 30.0?

JB #5

Thank you Michael! I can't wait to see the Reds in HD on Insight.


Can't wait to hear about the ville....

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