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Thursday, December 17, 2009


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Gregory Cohen nails it. Internet is now mostly tied to phone and cable cioapnmes because they had the infrastructure, a government-granted "natural monopoly" access--but they have an inherent conflict of interest. It's to the cable company's advantage to impede progress to make sure you buy both cable and net access, and ditto for the phone company.It's all bits, and the phone company and cable cioapnmes are out of date. It's time for them to go away.


I would like to see a dramatic chngae in the way we pay for access. Instead of companies charging for phone AND cable AND internet, which is all coming out of the same pipe, I would much prefer to pay for access to data, and then a tiered system based on amount of data used would determine the amount of money the individual would pay. Also instead of only being able to use equipment provided for by the ISP company (modem, DVR, phone equipment etc.) the end user would determine what their data usage is going to be and then purchase the equipment they need. For example, if I intend to use the data access for internet and cable, I would then go to my local electronics store and find the cable modem and DVR that I choose, based on what I want to do with them. This would increase third party manufactures and competition for customers among the hardware manufactures. ISP's could still provide these products to customers who don't feel comfortable installing this type of hardware. In short, pay a reasonable base price for a connection, and then pay for usage-just like any other utility out there (gas, electricity, water etc.) Yes, internet access, TV and phone should be grouped into the same category as basic utilities.


I say the FCC opens up the cable networks like they did the phone networks...we should increase the amount of small companies that want to start up a pay tv business...make the cable companies lease out their footprints at low rates and put a drag on their profits for a few years...


Cable companies have no problem with a multi-platform set-top box because cable companies are geographic monopolies. How many customers have any choice in WHICH cable company they subscribe to?? So what if the box will work with both Comcast and Insight -- no one has both available so neither company has any reason to care.

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