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Thursday, December 17, 2009


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Michael Weatherford

This is great news though I have a question concerning this subject. (Farmersville, North of Mount Vernon, IN) Just 2 miles from our home has both Insight and WOW! (No comparison, Insight blows WOW! out of the water!!!) We've counted well over 99 houses within our area and have called Insight customer reps pleading to have a survey performed. There is a WISP in the area though they've grossly over subscribed so not really an alternative.
From a business perspective, I would have to think your ROI would be less than 5 years. I pay close to $500/month for a DS1 though still go into town to use my parents Insight connection for the “big jobs”. Will our area benefit from this stimulus package?
We are starving for Insight Service in our neighborhood!

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