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Friday, December 11, 2009


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Today is September 2, 2011.The last e-News posted here was near the end of June, 2011.Yep. You folks are denefitily on top of things .It reminds me of my ISP. (Oh! It's the same people!)Big Deal.(But they certainly expect payment on-time which they get, by the way.)I'm NOT impressed.


There need to be some heads that roll at AT&T here soon. No wonder they're the lowest rated of the major cellular providers.

They bid for exclusive iphone rights, knowing damned well what the iphone would be used for...in fact, they charge a mandatory $30 data fee from ALL iphone users (apparently, hundreds of millions of dollars doesn't get ya much these days?!), then when users use the phone they wanted exclusively for the purpose it was intended, they cry foul?!

Hey customers, we're going to offer all these services, but when you actually use them we're going to punish you for it.

Metered billing, whether it's on cell phones or broadband will kill innovation. Wake up and smell the coffee, folks- new technologies eat up more and more bandwidth. You have a few choices, upgrade your network to handle it, shut down, or just say bye bye to your customers as you put in practice stupid measures like these.

It's sort of like the cable company demanding that you keep watching black and white TV, because dag nabbit those color TV feeds use up so much more bandwidth, and we can't have that! These companies will do anything possible to stifle innovation and progress.

Todd Haas

What is funny is how it recently started taking almost 30 seconds to load Google Voice mobile website on Iphone 3g but loads other sites almost immediately. Also Google Voice website loads nearly immediately on wifi on iPhone (with Insight). Seems AT&T is purposely slowing down this very simple text-only website along with having Apple deny their Google Voice app.


AT&T has complained ever since day one about iPhone data usage. I would think that instead of complaining (since they won the right to be the exclusive iPhone carrier in the US), they would focus on expanding both the range and capacity of their data network. After all, when Apple begins to offer iPhones on other US carriers, they are going to want to retain as many of their iPhone customers as possible, not continue to give them reason after reason to impatiently wait for the day they can take their iPhone to a different carrier.

Rob Jones

Awesome, ATT can't seem to fix their network so they're going to cripple the usage. What the hell are they doing with all the money they are making from all of those iPhone Data plans.

Even thought I don't believe them, they are also saying that 97% of all SmartPhone users on their network are being over charged for service they aren't using.

I bet Apple is looking forward to being on more networks in the US.

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