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Monday, November 02, 2009


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the above comments are correct, however that does not cover half the problems i have experienced with the insight dvr box. i've now waited at home 4 separate days waiting for insight contractors to install what turns out to be a broken dvr. the problems are so numerous it's not worth trying to list all the frustrations. my question , how does insight get away with delivering inferior service ? my answer, they have a monopoly so they could care less.

Paul Gryce

this is great. On Insights own site they can figure out how to fix their own system. I called again this morning about the fast forward to the end issue. They have been "working on it" for 5 months now. These guys have no clue. I am paying $360 per year to rent two DVRs. I am going to look at Tivo.

Jason Stiles

Yeah, I hate my insight DVR. Yeah its better than nothing but having owned a TiVo in the pre-HD days I am spoiled to having buttons that respond when you press them. Silly me.

Come Mike, ditch the junk box motorola garbage and come with something good for a DVR. Hell pony and license TiVO.


I agree, I have an insight cable DVR, and a TIVO. I never use the insight DVD as a DVR as it sucks the TIVO is much better. I am considering dropping the insight DVR and getting a second TIVO as it would be better and cheaper (just no On-Demand). Good thing TIVO has netfix.


I have the same issue with my DVR box. You will hit fast forward and it will not respond. so you hit fast forward again and again with no result. Then 2 seconds later the box starts to fast forward and it has a delay when you hit stop or pause and you have already skipped to the end of the show. I have called insight before and they suggest unplugging the box, waiting a few mintutes then powering back up. (Which is exactly what I wanted to do when I sat down to watch TV. Pull everything out and spend time with tech support) It happens again and they schedule a tech to check your box (which means clear a day so you can wait between 8-2 or 2-7) just so they will end up giving you another busted box. I wish I could charge $15 a month for s#!t cable boxes.)

I do not know a single person that does not have this issue with Insight Motorola DVR boxes. Its to the point of why even call if you know they are just going to send you another busted box?

Steve Huff

Part of the reason people don't is - half the time you fast foward with the DVR Box Insight gives you it freakin skips to the end of the show and then you have to start back at the beginning and try to fast foward back to where you were. Several people I work with all have this problem and this is my 2nd DVR with Insight.


Heh, I love my 30-second skip forward button. (Only found on a programmable remote.) I'll admit that if I find a commercial that catches my eye as interesting, or a commercial from a funny series of commercials, I will go back and watch them.

So, if you want my attention, make the commercials more interesting and funny!


I don't use a DVR, I have Win7 Windows Media Center and I skip the brainless commercials.


Honestly, I usually just sit there through the commercials until a really loud one reminds me to skip them.

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