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Friday, October 02, 2009


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I have a iPhone and a Tilt and a TMobile and AT&T phone plans. The iPhone is just as flaky on TMobile as it is on At&T, but my Tilt works great on both networks. So really the problem I see is with the iPhone. Maybe in a couple more releases Apple can get the bugs out and get some real business users to use it. But Windows Mobile has been around and deep down is not a phone OS but a full featured mobile OS. Windows Mobile is running on more hand scanners then there are iPhones. We run hundreds of transactions through them every second of the day running a worldwide transportation network. Just cause something is stamped Apple doesn't mean it is not the problem.


Their research is correct. When I was on AT&T, my iPhone would drop calls often. I also knew exactly where some of the "dead zones" were, where I would have full coverage, and it would still drop a call.

Now I'm back on Verizon. I now use my iPhone as an iPod Touch. On Verizon, my Windows Mobile smartphone has never dropped a call.

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