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Monday, September 14, 2009


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MMS requires accses to the baseband which the SDK does not allow.Video recording is being done by both uShow and iPhone View Recorder.As for other stuff (copy/paste, Bluetooth, MMS, etc.), only Apple is allowed to do that but they can all be done with a firmware update.


Ready for a speed boost? Broadband 30.0 is coming.
When Insight Communications launched our Broadband 10.0 product in November of 2006, we made a conscious decision to be the fastest broadband provider in each of the communities we serve. To that end, as soon we began offering 10 Mbps service to our customers, we started developing Broadband 20.0, which debuted a year later in November of 2007. Now, I’m thrilled to announce that Insight will be offering our customers a new broadband speed level by the end of this year.

This post was made by Mr. Wilner last year promising Insight 30.0 by years end. Well 2009 is over and we are already 2 months into 2010 and no insight 30.0. What gives?

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