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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


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if you have local cable and you live in a urban area chances are you can get an isp from you cable coampny by calling them, they will split your cable and lend you a modem. with an addtional charge.

Larry. Korfhage

insight gave me an email address, but did not tell me how to get my email. I need to get a product key to get my CA Security on my computer.
Been without the use of my computer, since I don't have any security on it, when my Norton expired ,3weeks ago. Should I buy Norton again or can I get the free internet thru insight.
Insight technicians conviently are not allowed to help their customers with getting CA Security.

Tom Hanks

Thanks for this post! Several months ago, we began a process to design a site that reduced visual clutter, provided advanced information about our products, and was easy to use. Many thousands of hours were invested in creating a new way of communicating via our web presence.

Michael Corder

You state that MyInsight will enable your customers to communicate and interact with you, yet the ONLY communications portal I can find is the comments form. I have been attempting to get our Insight cable service repaired for over a year. Despite a number of visits from your technicians, many calls to the customer service department, and many days staying at home awaiting your technicians, our service is still not working properly. There is no path to escalate our problems outside of your customer service line. Every time I spend the effort to jump through the voice mail hoops to eventually get a live person, it simply results in scheduling another tech, despite the fact the previous 12 visits have not resolved anything. I wish I had another choice - I would take it.

Back to your website - There is still no way to view our bill online, unlike virtually every other company on the planet. There is no way to obtain pricing information, or for that matter what specific products are available. And, every time I go to another page, it asks for my zip code, then we go through the whole cable/internet/phone Q&A.

Between your website, and the customer service Voice mail tedium, it requires a massive amount of patience, and not a little amount of time to get any kind of information, or actually talk to a rep.

We were happy with Insight, until we were forced to "upgrade" to Digital in Dec 2008. If your system cannot support the service, why were we forced to change to it?


why are the Insight TV adds so poor fuzzy quality?

Laurie McKinley

Previous comments continued.

I did reach a customer rep the next day. She assured me that my large bill was accurate. She told me what my monthly bill would be. Although your salesman told me that I would save $20 per month going with Insight, he neglected to tell me the "NI" on the "request for service" meant the taxes of about $20 were not included in the "total monthly service" line. My choice to go with Insight depended upon the info he gave. I feel my bill should be reduced by that amount.

I will say that "Stephanie", the customer service rep, was most pleasant and seemed very knowledgeable - also didn't have an Indian accent - a big plus. She did refer me to your tech service about the internet speed. They told me how to check my speed and were also very customer friendly. Now, if you really read all these comments, I expect to hear from you shortly.

Laurie McKinley

I have called your customer service rep several times and the recording says you are too busy and I should call back or go to myinsight.com. BEfore I pay my expensive first bill I want to talk with someone. I was told by your salesman that:l. the internet service was so fast I wouldn't see the hourglass (the main reason I was switching to your service) 2. The one-time charges on my "request for Service doesn't match up with my bill. 3. I would save $20 per month with the change from Cin Bell. Your bill is harder to read than Cin BEll's however, I don't believe that I will experience this savings on futue bills. Now, your installer was so anxious to go to his next appt, he only gave me stuff to read and didn't explain anything. He did give me his long-distance cell phone number in case I had questions. An hour after he left I had to call him because the remote didn't seem to work - not like my old one anyway. I've had your "service" less than a month and the remote still doesn't work well, my computer is no faster than my previous service, and I have experienced static on my phone and also an echo of my voice. Today it seems to be working ok. I would like to talk with someone about these matters - BEFORE this bill is due. If I am unable to do this I will have to resort to registering my complaints with the BBB and/or the KY Attorney General. Please call me on my new insight phone service. I hope you can get through.

Bob Poole

(Please reply, Thanks)

1.) There is a gray eggshell shaped button with the word "LIVE" printed on it......What Function does that perform?
2.) Another gray putton that is southest of the "LIVE button that is red, with a white "C" on it. What is that for?

3.) Please tell me you have, and please provide me one - a phamplet or whatever that tells the what and how to operate the remove control. With what I pay for services, I would think something is available frm SOMEWHERE....but the people I've spoken with (many-many-many of YOUR Technicians have been here and they do NOT know of anything, nor does all of the Customer Svc reps I've spoken with. It/they just tell me to check ONLINE, and I don't see anyway to get help, except to ask YOU....Please???????????????

3.) I know how to review future recordings with DVR.....I know how to watch them.....but is there anyway that I can just pull up the items, and one-by-one DELETE them INSTANTLY, WITHOUT HAVING TO FAST FORWARD THEM TO THE END OF THE PROGRAM, AND THEN SELECT "DELETE?"

I want to Thank-You in advance for your assistance & cooperation.
Bob Poole

PS" HEH.....I'm open to talking to anyone on the phone....I can make my own notes, until YOU have something printed you can send me regarding operation of the remove control for people who have ON-DEMAND services, DVR etc.

PPS" You know I do have guets from CA, WA, AZ & TN....guess what THEY ALL OPERATE DIFFERNTLY, and as a result of that MINE are ALWAYS messed up, sorta on being non-functional!!!

Have a nice week & FOURTH WEEKEND, and if you get bored, give me a call at (my Insight Phone) @ 502-290-0856.

Mark Ferguson

I find it interesting that I just got a cable phone number on Saturday (5 days ago) and already I am getting call looking for donations. I find this interesting because I do not see a credit mentioned anywhere for the selling of phone numbers and names in the sign up lit you have online. If you wish to make money off of my name and the phone number I pay for, you owe me a credit on my bill, along with every other customer you have that you have sold.


Why is Insight the only Cable/Phone provider that doesn't give their subscribers on-line access to viewing monthly bills? Yes, Insight allows you to pay on-line, but the only details you can get is your montly balance. An Insight subscriber can't get the same billing details that AT & T, Dish, Directv, Vonage, and other providers do on-line.


How about unifying the columbus network so that it dosent require 2 modems for internet & phone.


Can the DVR firmware be modified to allow turning closed captions on and off via a menu button while watching a program rather than turning off the DVR and resorting to the setup menu of the DVR? Since all shows seem to be recorded at way different levels, it would be nice to easily view what Jack Bauer (24) is saying rather than crank the volume all the way up, then back down when the commercials come on.

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