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Wednesday, September 09, 2009


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tayoo Posted on Hy, ibrar ji beruman go maybea ke but shuwa GINANING upload etin,un but shuwa koshishienger salam manich.neak tamana michinge ka .aleem khan. Yam.


"Other times anxiety and doubt. Not all changes are needed or even wanted. With everything going on, who has time to change?"

Insight needs to "CHANGE" advertising agency's. If this is announcing some kind of positive change in Insight's service's. Maybe using positive words to describe this would be the better route to go. I say just come out with it. If its not ready for release then keep it under your hat until your ready to release your "CHANGE". I "DOUBT" this is a "CHANGE" that we "NEED" or even "WANT".

I am glad to hear that I will be getting more HD channels, networked DVR's, ability to recored 4 channels at once, and so much more; but that's only because I'm ditching Insight and getting AT&T U-Verse. CAN'T WAIT!!!


I'm confused. It's been a month and no additional information has been officially revealed regarding the "Change." Any updates, Mr. Wilner?


Cmon DOCSIS 3.0 in NKY!

Mike Colehouse

How about anouncing a cable box that will actually work when the remote button is pushed within 10 seconds. Alternativly, you could offer an HD cable box for the same cost as the standard digital box rental without illegally requiring the customer to take DVR service and forcing them to pay a rental premium.

Thank you for finally adding MSNBC and Headline News in HD.

Scott Simmons

As stated above by Mr. Willner's office, AT&T fed me false information. When I spoke with them on the phone previously about their up and coming service and indicated quality upstream was important to me as a service, they stated it was 18/7.

Today when I spoke with them after reading this comment, they informed me (without prompting) that the service was 18/1.5

Classic bait and switch, however, it still doesn't explain why Insight can't offer customers better upload bandwidth.

Thanks, and my apologies!

Michael Willner

I'm terribly sorry you feel that way but I have to admit you've totally stumped me. We couldn't find anything close to an 18/7 service anywhere on AT&T's website. Indeed their website advertises their fastest speed at 18/1.5 which "starts at" $65. That compares to our 20/2 service which is priced at a premium of $10 over a customer's bundled or individual 10/1 broadband rate -- considerably less expensive than AT&T's slower service.

Hope you will reconsider.

Scott Simmons

Sad to say, but I was always a huge fan of Insight. However, as my needs for internet service have grown as a consumer, they have not been met by Insight.

As technology expands and uses the internet more often in the home, so does the requirement of bandwidth. While Insight offers a useful 20mb downstream for an outrageous price of $55/mo, the upstream cripples the use of great technologies.

It's great to be able to use products like Slingbox, online console gaming, over the internet work presentations, and even home streaming media.

However, here in Louisville, we can't do that. Insight knows it better than anyone. 1.5mb up doesn't cut it, and no matter whom I've asked, Insight does not offer better for any price.

Sir, I respect your up front approach, but your results and service to me as a customer are beyond unacceptable in this day and age. I cancelled my cable television service because I have no use for it without the proper bandwidth to watch it from the road.

I'll let you know how Uverse supports my needs with their 18/7 high speed internet. I understand Insight will be offering 30/3, a meak counter punch in the face of change.

Good luck in your future endeavors, but I don't think Insight will be my choice of service in two months.


Comedy Channel and MSNBC in HD if available.


Whatever it is it had better include a significant jump in HD channels and not just this on demand crap. The HD choices insight has is a joke compared to a Dish service. What Am I thinking, Insight still has analog channels LOL


I don't know about a-la-carte, but I just saw a second commercial talking about "hundreds of options." So it sounds like they're going to allow greater customization of services... not sure if that'd be much use to me though...




I've got it! Insight is going to start transitioning analog channels to cQAM digital HD, finally living up to their promise that, "if you get the channel, you get it in HD for free."


You said nothing and revealed nothing, why do a story about a non-story? Maybe in a few weeks, if some changes are announced, this will be worth reporting.

CableTech Student

Im looking forward to the changes. Hopefully more HD channels, networking DVRs, or ability to add external storage device or also maybe fix my DVR so that it will always respond to the remote.


Sorry, Mr. Willner, I just don't go for these types of promotions. In my experience, the end result is usually a huge let down. Truly, if you have something to announce, please just say it. I don't think you're doing yourself any favors doing things this way


Can't wait for AT&T.


Here's hoping for more HD channels!!

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