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Thursday, September 03, 2009


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All those phones fail They make a lot of psiosbilities, so u use the phone for everything and more, but they never think about the battery life. But I can do something with my phone you cant (I would not do it) with your phone.. I can open a beer. And second, I understand why this isnt in HD.. this woman is pritty ugly.No offence, its just the truth.


Over or under, that is the question.I perefr the toilet tissue to be fixed OVER than under. Why? I don't really know the reason why. Maybe, that's how I grew up with and that's how my Mom fix the toilet tissue in our bathroom, so up to this point in time that's how I want the toilet tissue to be. The funny thing is when I go to my BFs or sister's house or some other houses for that matter, I do notice how their toilet tissue is arranged, although I wanted to fix it the way I am used to, I don't, because it's not my house and who cares anyway, it's just a toilet humor that nobody will appreciate, except OCDs.I hope that made sense.

JP Maroney

Know I know...

I just posted 'bout this and did a track back to you! Thanks...

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