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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


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people are people being bneand for questioning the wisdom of this nonsense change. the posts are then edited by the moderator to show TOS 2.8 or something else giving the impression the poster broke some rule. it was obvious from day one that the motivation behind the change was to get members to pay money to the site from their pockets. even those who were profitable are now losing and still the retards are saying how great the admin is. lol. reggen and assadon are obviously confederates. standard members are quitting in droves as who can spend hours online to earn 2 cents per day? less time can be spent on onbux netting you 40 cents. neo's admin likes to claim the other sites use bots but if you read the posts of people who upgrade to golden you will know who really is using bots. also if standard members who are the backbone are leaving wholesale where exactly does neo get refs to rent out?


fuck the fella, by reading blogs or even oennipg pages alone mana boleh dapat spyware, STUPID asshole!even .. even if got ar, he sendiri tangan gatal go clikc yes and no i have read your blog so 8 9 months or so i never kena anything also, but i do hope i can strike lottery la but still thats like the slimmest chance


I agree 100%. When watching televison I as well dont want to be "ambushed" by ads that may have a subject that doesn't fit the time slot or channel they are aired. There are many commercials for female issues that fit this same catagory as well.
But their is another version of this "Ambush" as well and it rest in the Insight Guide. Why is it that all the adult channels are placed dead center in the movie lineup between STARZ Family and HBO Family?
According to Insight's website:

"A Simple Channel Lineup.
To make it easy to find what you want to watch, our channel lineup is organized into theme-based categories. So you can find the movie channels – or kids, news and sports – all in one place."

This def. makes it easy for kids and fans of STARZ & HBO Family to find quality programing like Lovely Latino's 4. To me it's no different then the ads that play on a Sunday afternoon.

Speaking of the easy channel lineup though, it could be anything but. Why local channels can only be found in the 1-20's. Channels 20-100 will all be randomly repeated again in the 106-900. and while I understand that MTV/VH1 are music channels, why they are hidden so deep in those audio only channels that I'm not sure anyone really listens too is beyond me. Just my 2 cents, but can that be fixed?

Pete Abel

Michael -- Great post, and many of us feel exactly like you do about these ads. Well done.


I completely understand your arguement, and even agree to a point. Let's face it, the world is full of bad ads, bad people and other terrible things. So instead of going around and safegaurding everything our children will ever come in contact with (which is impossible and not the most effective way to parent in my opinion) why dont we instead sit our kids down and explain to them the difference between right and wrong instead of trying to make the world seem like a totally innocent place - which it is obviously not and never will be.

Because let's be real, eventually your child will run into people or a situation that could be harmful to them in one way or another and at that point there is no "v-chip" or any other safeguard in the world that will help. All you can do is hope that you have taught your child and instilled in them the power to konw what is right and what is wrong and hope they make the right choice. and i would be that if enough time was spent by the parents teaching this child good morals, they more often than not do the right thing.

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