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Thursday, May 07, 2009


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Derek Licciardi

200Mbs barely matters. You'll not see that speed realized most of the time. Most of the download sites, P2P sites, torrents and game sites where this would be the most useful cannot deliver bits that fast to a single user. Some can but most can't. That and most people have 100baseT networks or worse, 802.11b/g networks in their house. It's nice to have more bandwidth outside your internal lan but I would bet that a good portion of users have no idea that 200Mbs requires a house network refitting. Even 100Mbs requires as much because 100baseT won't get 100Mbps consistently as most 100baseT routers (Linksys...) certify to 70 - 90Mbs throughput.

So 200Mbps is a nice marketing number but be careful that your users know what their getting or your call center will be flooded with "What happened?" calls.

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