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Thursday, May 28, 2009


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Looking at this from a business soitdpnant, I think the publisher may've been right that it will have a short-lived time of fame (Office won't be popular forever ) and a limited market. As I see it, there's two groups of people who won't like this book. First, there's the conservative Christians and Jews who would be offended that you were changing the Biblical stories. Second, there's non-Judeo-Christian readers who wouldn't want to touch anything telling Bible stories. In between these is your potential market and even then, it's mostly just the die-hard Office fans who will like the book. Granted, there's a lot of Office fans! But that still limits your audience greatly.As the publisher alluded to, this is the sort of thing that would be really big for a really short time, and then would disappear, I think.All that being said it is funny and humorous. It can at least serve to make your blog popular, and if you self-publish, you might end up selling big and pocketing a lot of cash. If I was your marketing-advisor, I'd suggest finding a source to print up the books, posting a couple more sections on your blog here with a link to buy them and see what you can do selling them for yourself.

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