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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


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to all totoo po itong FREE internet using Globe brdoaband ..sa ngayon nag gegenerate pa po kami ng mga bagong IP na gagana sa ULTRASURF .ang maselan pa neto ay naka depende na sa IP kung saang AREA sya gumagana

Ben Katz

The DVRs Insight uses in Evansville are terrible. They use the I-Guide software which disables PIP (I could get PIP on my big screen 15 years ago!), it has a number of expansion capability for SATA HDDs, but that's disabled also.

The software has major issues. For some reason, let's say you have 2 shows recording tonight. 1 show starts at 8pm, the next show starts at 8:30pm. You SHOULD be able to cancel both records if you want...let's say they're both on 'season passes,' but they're both repeats, or your DVR is just too full right now. It will only allow you to cancel one of these. If you cancel 8pm and try to cancel 8:30pm, it will pop the 8pm record back up and activate it. It's impossible to cancel all records if any of them overlap. That's just silly.

I could list numerous other record issues with the DVR's, just simple common sense things the engineers at motorola seemed to ignore, but the list probably wouldn't even fit here.

Cable companies need to ensure quality standards with the boxes they offer...I guess they do, but it often seems as if they don't.


Sounds good. It would be nice to have access to additional services from you folks using my TiVo. No offense, but I prefer TiVo's interface over your DVRs.

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