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Friday, May 08, 2009


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A few things since you're taking comments-
Insight in Lexington really, really needs to offer more tiers of internet service between just the 1meg and 10-20meg it now offers- I truly don't use $35/month worth of internet but 1meg isn't enough to offer quality service.
Secondly, I object to the requirement of needing a set-top box for every tv in the house if you are going to charge monthly for more than 2 (I need 3.)
What is most upsetting about this is your marketing implies that it is a necessity because of the digital upgrade. All my tv's have digital tuners built in. In my mind there can be 2 REAL reasons. 1-insight found a way to charge more for the same thing, 2)prevention of cable theft. The first is greed and a hard sell in this economy, the second punishes someone like me (a loyal Insight customer since you moved into this market who has already been overpaying for your service.) Perhaps there is another reason I have not considered but it certainly is not the one you market. I don't like being lied to, have the courage and the decency to be honest in your marketing strategies. It will pay off in the long run.

Adam Blevins


I visited your blog today because a Customer Service Rep told me you checked it for suggestions and ideas, but I don't see a place to plainly post "Suggestions & Ideas".

Here are mine; I'm sorry if this is the wrong section of the site to list them. I am not trying to cyber-clutter.

I would like to add that I was a DirectTV customer for over 10 years and switched to cable last year, mainly for the On-Demand feature, which we now use extensively. In doing so, I have some suggestions that I would enjoy, and I suppose other customers would as well.

1. Create a section on your blog for "Service Ideas & Suggestions for Improvement".

2. Regarding Movies On-Demand: Add a "Maybe" option, or shopping cart, to enable earmarking a potential program while reviewing the plethora of program options. This would allow you to make a selection from within only the programs you have earmarked and eliminate reviewing 10 movies only to forget which you liked most in the process.

3. Regarding Music On-Demand: I love this option! Good idea. The only thing keeping it from being a GREAT idea: Missing Playlist Option. A Playlist option would eliminate the need to monitor the television to turn on the next show due to the short length of the music programs.

My two cents,


Here is the URL for the PACE HD DVR - http://www.pace.com/corporate/products/productDetails.asp?nav=products&productID=DCABLE-TDC787X%20Aspen that Insight provides. This is an inferior product to the DirecTV HD DVR H2x series shown here http://www.directv.com/learn/pdf/System_Manuals/DIRECTV/DTV_HD_DVR_ComboGuide.pdf

Any chnce Insight could improve their head end and set top equipment to at least match DirecTVs?

Thank you,



Congratulations to you Michael for continuing your blogging efforts for one year; to serve your community as a business leader! I did glance over some of the more colorful remarks/blogs with surprise. I’m surprised you still blog! Seriously, I appreciate your efforts. Most CEOs are on the verge of insanity ;). I recently switched from DirecTV to Insight’s triple play services. Overall, not bad, however, the DirecTV experience thus far has been a better one. Here are the reasons why.

1) The set top boxes that DirecTV deploy – so much better. I speaking of the DVR HD box they (DirecTV) have vs. Insight’s box.
2) The menu on DirecTV is much cleaner. HD channels are with the non – HD counterparts – so no need to scroll or enter 900 to begin the HD hunt. In addition, the DVR has the same program in a folder. So if I recorded Blue’s Clues on a DVR from DirecTV I see the folder Blue’s Clues with more than one recording inside the folder vs. seeing each recorded episode and the need to scroll through each one. Recording programs too is much cleaner and simple (or more so) to do on the DirecTV box, really one touch recording. Fast Forwarding or rewinding is also better on the DirecTV box, which it will back up 30 seconds or so to compensate for our inability to stop right when the program starts or when you want it to start. Search also is very easy and more efficient on the DirecTV box. On demand is also cleaner as it is one user interface for all on demand titles. I still can’t see how I can find Top Gear (BBC) on demand on Insight’s Cable.

I can go on and on about the ease of use of the DirecTv and the cumbersome menus and design layout of Insight’s menus, etc. Do you see needs for improvement regarding overall menu layout, DVR, and On Demand services? If anyone else notices this please include your comments.

Thank you,


Ha! I can spot a few of my comments on there. I post here too much :)

Anyway, thanks for the blog. It's a good step forward to see corporations have a more public face to their customers.

Rebecca Rachmany

You've done extraordinarily well if those are the worst comments you got on your blog. Thanks to you for a year of insight! No question it's one of the top blogs in the industry.

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