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Friday, April 24, 2009


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Hey Allen,It's a generous offer, but you're only prsteneing one side of the story. There are advantages and disadvantages to having your own blog. For example, who is hosting your domain and what makes you think *they'll* be around forever?My blog is backed up on hundreds of servers.How about yours?How many servers is *your* blog back up on? One, two, maybe a dozen? What happens if you're hosting site is hacked, is subjected to too much traffic, or decides to call it quits? Then what? You might just have to kiss *your* precious baby good-bye.The best solution is to back up your blog. In my case, I use WordPress.Com. All I have to do is export my blog to an XML file (if I'm really paranoid).And that's that.On the other hand, if Wordpress goes down, then you go down with it, Allen. Or keep using 2.7.1 for the rest of your life.Thanks for the offer. In all honesty, I *was* tempted.

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