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Monday, April 13, 2009


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Hi,I asked ptcl to convert my DSL Package to 4mpbs by 10th Dec, 2010, but it is still 1 Mbps. I call them daily, they say your pagakce is 4Mbps now since 22nd dec, but still i am getting 1 Mbps. they daily say that it is a problem at our end and will solve soon, but they never do. i still have 1 Mbps by today 25 dec, 2010. My line stats i.e., attenuation=42, noise margin=28, and attainable rate is above 7000, but still they did not convert..

Rob Dicken

Hey...how about this...

"At 101 Mbps, you'll be provided with the fastest internet solution on the market today. Unlimited usage, all for one low fee of $300/month. It's unbeatable! We also have tiers for 100 GB bandwidth for $100/month and 200 GB bandwidth for $200/month."

...and then the customer laughs.

Steve Huff

It still cracks me up that we are talking about this types of speeds on this blog while still talking about bandwidth caps.

I can see the ad now, so fast you can reach your bandwidth cap in minutes.

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