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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


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Currently the newer coal fired power stations are very etmorinvennally friendly. When you look up at the top of their smoke stacks you see that white plume? That is mostly all water vapor. The newer power plants capture most of the polutants (including CO2) before it is exhausted to the atmosphere. The coal is pulverized into a fine powder, as fine a talcum powder and injected into the fire box where 99% of it is burned up. The remainder ash is collected and turned into drywall material. The other exhaust chemicals are collected and sold to chemical companies. CO2 is collected and used by injecting it into oil wells to force more oil out of the oil shale, which is more economical than injecting water in to the wells. Not many power plants use fuel oil to run their boilers as it is way too expensive. Nuclear power is the way to go IMHO, but who wants a nuke in their home town?

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