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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


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Оригинальные и необычные футболки, майки и толстовки на все случаи жизни!

Вам нравится одеваться стильно и красиво, и вы хотите купить через интернет необычные футболки с оригинальными надписями или рисунками?
А может, ищете, где приобрести партию бейсболок, маек, толстовок или футболок с фирменными цветами, логотипом или торговой маркой вашей компании, общественной организации ли любимой спортивной команды?

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Yep! Sounds weird, but she was having bivhaeoral issues (she was really needy, kept going #1 on everything ) so the vet put her on it, and now all that stuff has gone away!


In no particular order, exepct Sandoval who I'd love to read more about. I haven't filtered out already-requested players. Consider them affirmation votes. I tried to keep the list to 8 and failed badly. THANKS!!!P. SandovalV. MartinezH. PenceF. HernandezF. LirianoP. HughesJ. ChamerlainE. EncarnacionR. DoumitP. MaholmA. WainwrightK. KouzmanoffR. Cano


This is the prophecy of Daniel ciomng to pass. You are watching it before your very eyes but are too blind to see it. The word Grecia in Hebrew means Yavan. The State of Israel is most likely Yavan. This will escalate into the Media/Persian vs Yavan war which is in Daniels prophecy in chapers 8 and 11. The ensamble was provided by Media Persia and Alexandar.The dome of the rock will come down at this time and the temple will be built in Jerusalem on temple mount. With the USA being moved toward socialists globalization with the UN, PES, and Socialists International, the timing is right for one world order, one world religion, one world government, to emerge. The fight between Israel and Iran will explode into this very globalization.


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Complimentary To 1 An additional

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HD is a big rip-off and no improvement usnels you had no TV at all before. Nicer picture and sound ONLY if you buy into a signal provider.HD is only an improvement for adding channels, most of them duplicates of themselves or re-runs from earlier that day, etc. The signal is a higher frequency and very choppy you still need an antenna (my way) or to join the cable/satellite sets. The VHF and UHF are better for broadcast frequency that you can pick up at home. I'd rather have a snowy VHF picture and be able to hear the show, than to get a picture that freezes' or disappears if someone walks into the room, or if the cell phone rings, or if the Wi-Fi router signal is pulled' through the room to a computer anything and everything interrupts the pictures and sound, sometimes both at the same time. The higher frequency is interfered with easily. I can disrupt my neighbor's signal if i use a radio signal remote or hold my cell phone next to their window. There is a lot of medical research that has been done on the effects of higher frequency radio(TV) waves causing disruptions in our soft tissues and our brains. This is you, the consumer, bringing these high frequency devices into your home willingly, and you py for the privilege' of it. The waves are still an electro-magnetic field you are setting up in your homes to bombard your bodies with. Remember that the companies who manufacture these devices pay for the safety tests too. Tobacco was proven' safe or not unhealthy for about decades, as was DDT, etc. Health complaints later? Good luck getting any dampening of the fields for safety that would interfere with signal reception. It is your high frequency choice, my fellow consumers.


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That's a very good explanation. Thank you.

I've been browsing through, and even as an outsider to the industry, it is very interesting to see the technology being developed and used.

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