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Monday, January 05, 2009


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The interface is fasnittac. Did it ever occur to you a playlist can be anything you want i.e. the Artist you like and just 1 album name it that. Or 1 artist and drag ALL their releases into it and name it. Or you have the freedom to make a mixed artist playlist also. Theres a search button right in the interface. Its not hidden. You can browse freely just like the desktop app.Try long pressing on anything too.But your right on no sorting a playlist via mobile. oh well


Millions of people are pirating music for a reason: they are tired of the deception and greed from the recording studios. They are tired of paying $15-20 for CDs, and sites like iTunes aren't much better. Sure, iTunes just removed their DRM, but now they want you to pay AGAIN to remove it, the prices are going to be even worse with the $1.29/song model, and the cut that artists get from iTunes is even worse than CDs.

I'd be willing to pay $3-5 for an album if the artists go in that direction. Sites like eMusic seem to be pricing these things right, and though the monthly model isn't to my liking, overall, I think they are moving in a better direction. Artists like Radiohead and NIN have skipped the middle man to provide their music free or nearly free.

So, no, I don't believe music piracy is the same as "walking into a music store and stealing a CD". What the RIAA does to artists every day is more like "walking into a bank and stealing all of the money". Piracy doesn't pay the artists, but it does make a statement that the general public is sick of how the music industry works.

The best way to solve for the problem is to make it more worth our while to buy music without having to skirt the law.

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