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Tuesday, January 06, 2009


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i think smartsource.com does it and i know p&g has their cnpuoos online that you can download to your store card. where i live, ralphs does it but you have to have a store card first.its nice because sometimes i've forgotten that i've loaded the coupon on the card and when i check out i receive additional savings.i'm over here because of Man Wife and Dog's Fab Friday posts.


Ahhh, my mistake. I could have sworn DVDs were 720p. Just goes to show how little I use DVDs, considering how most of my movie viewing is from OnDemand and my HDTV PC.

Oh wait, isn't that the point of the article? :)

Steve Huff

Accoring to this article:


DVDs are limited to 480P.


Can you please let us know where we can buy 720P DVDs?

I have no idea where you are getting your information from, but it is obvious that you don't have a slightest clue what you are talking about!


As you increase resolution, the difference in quality is less and less noticeable. The same is true for BluRay. Just do the math:

VCRs to DVD = Going from 320p to 720p was a 125% increase in quality, and the difference was noticeable even on standard TVs. As TVs got better, the perceived quality of DVDs got better. With HDTVs, you could see the full potential of DVDs on-screen. The price of DVDs remained the same (or slightly higher) as VCR tapes.

DVD to BluRay = Going from 720p to 1080p is only a 50% increase in quality. The difference is a lot less and TV quality isn't going to increase the change if you already have a 1080p set. The prices are also higher at $25 a disc, compared to $12-15 a DVD, almost double the price.

Face it. BluRay is going to be the next LaserDisc within the next 3-5 years: useless and forgotten.

(Also, I have the same gripe about the preview buttons, btw.)

Steve Huff

Until streaming services can reproduce the full 1080P experience of Blue-Ray, I'll stick with Blue-Ray as my choice for renting movies.

While HD TV via cable looks great, you can tell a difference when watching a Blue-Ray disc.

I'm sure at some point streaming services such as cable will catch up, it's going to be a while as they would have to replace all of our boxes, or at least send a firmware update out to them as our Mortrolla boxes only display 720P or 1080I as we have dicussed in previous posts on this blog (which seems very silly it can't auto detect, which I realize is a totally seperate conversation from the bandwidth that would be required for full 1080P).

While commenting, I have some random feedback for Insight. I'm not sure how much control you have over customizing your menu system, but the menu system could look so much slicker. While it's just cosmetic, it would make the whole channel surfing more enjoyable. And on a less cosmetic note, when you preview a movie with Insight OnDemand, the "Cancel" and "Buy Now" green overlay screen is WAY WAY to big, you miss a huge portion of the preview cause of this silly thing being so big.

Ok, I'm done with my feedback (for now).

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