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Friday, January 16, 2009


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True, but there's the matter of how the bill defines that. Simply calling it "underserved" without a legal definition is dangerous law-making.


Underserved markets would be the pure analog cable systems with no capability for voice or broadband. we're not just talking about little municipal systems, Comcast has a couple here in KY in the same situation, to say nothing about mediacom.

Another example would be non-att ilec's (I'm looking at you Windstream) with no (profitable) business plan for rolling out DSLAM's every 6k-18k line feet to offer DSL and TV in their areas.

Compound that fact with these underserved areas being outside of the DMA's that have local channel retransmission on direct tv and dish network (Top 150 DMA's) and there is now 5-10% of the US population that is essentially going to have to revert back to AM/FM radio for entertainment and local news after 2/17 due to being on the fringes of DTV reception.

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