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Thursday, December 18, 2008


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Brad Zimmerman

When will we every have studies or research that doesn't LEAP to innaccurate conclusions? Just because the rate of video viewing is higher between 9am - 5pm, it doesn't mean that "most web viewing occurs at work!! If that assumption is going to made, follow it up with some facts.... like supplying the percentage of web viewing from corporate domains. By making this assumption, we are ignoring factors such as:

9-5 is a time range that also includes the time that most kids are in school... parents have more time to watch online video when they don't have to attend to their children.

What are peek email reading times? If peek email reading times fall in the 9-5 range, it makes perfect since that video viewing would also peek due to the large amount of emails with links to video content.

Simply tying a high viewing rate to normal work hours doesn't consider factors such as the percentage of working people that actually have internet access or have access to video content (proxy servers).

Just another example of organizations and studies trying to make more out of what is actually there. Let's stop spreading the nonsense.

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