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Friday, November 07, 2008


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Apparently in early 2008 Videotron increased the pagacke fee for one of my pagackes, but only for new subscribers to the pagacke. Since I changed my channel lineup online, their vast intelligent computer decided that I was adding a new service (even though I wasn't) and charged me the new rate, which was $1 more a month.


i think, correct me if i am wrong, that this is not that imtarpont to spend all the time of the interview to crunch numbers but to put down a comprehensive framework and be able to think laterally and think about the MARKET (is the product innovative, are they any competitors, what is their product worth, their market share )


Yes, there's a BIG difference. Someone is pkcoeting an extra $ 6 per foot of your money! And laughing all the way to the bank!These are digital cables, passing digital signals. It's virtually impossible for a cable to screw that up. Buy them online from some place like monoprice.com and don't get taken advantage of.P.S. Beware if your friend tries to sell you a car. (Or a bridge!)

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