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Monday, August 25, 2008


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what brand digital carmea should i buy?i have pretty much limited down to Canon and Nikon and i want something cheap but decent. im no photographer, i dont want a professional grade carmea. just something that takes good pictures, and i could use when i hang out with my friends and do stupid shit that teenagers do. today is the best day for sales, so thats how i limited it to nikon or canon.


Keep your D50 it was designed for tanikg still photos and does an excellent job. If you really need a video camera, don't waste your money on a compact digital camera. The resolution is far below the standards a decent camcorder will provide you. Look for a mini-DV or HDD camcorder and a good editing program like Premiere Elements. Panasonic, Canon and Sony are the leaders in making the pro video cameras (broadcast quality) and as such have the technology necessary to make outstanding consumer grade camcorders.Even buying a $500 compact digital camera with a video feature will not give you the quality of a camcorder (designed for shooting video .. nothing else) will cost you under $300


So... When is Insight pulling it's analog transmission?

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