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Friday, August 22, 2008


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Dog Balls

In the not too distant past, phone companies were required by law to open their networks to Independent ISPs wishing to offer DSL and other data services. Cable companies were never required to do this, however. And recent changes in regulation have empowered phone companies to boot Independent ISPs off their networks.

This eliminates competition. And that's never good for the end user. It is laughably ridiculous to read comments in your blog about the good that comes of deregulation now that our national economy has been crippled as a result of limited to no oversight of the financial markets.

As the saying goes, when the cats away the mice will play.

John Summers

A well regulated market is the best market of all. As an Umpire in a baseball game or basketball game or football game where millions of dollars are involved is the key to a fair and balanced game.

Without regulation cheating, stealing and lying is rampant and corruption becomes a cancer on the body of Society. Almost all our problems are due to lack of responsibility of regulators being paid off to look the other way.

Rules may need update but regulation is the key. Most of the time lack of innovation and invention happens when greedy Corporations refuse to do more if they can't get their way. Much as the energy Corporations have refused to invest in new refineries and auto Corporations along with oil Corporations have destroyed the electric car.

We need a better Umpire in Washington. We need McKinney & Clemente 2008.

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