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Thursday, August 07, 2008


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John Summers

I too am proud to be a Insight Customer. The speeds are the best as is the service.


I can honestly say, I'm proud to be an Insight customer. Insight's not only blown my expectations out of the water, but the service I've experienced from them is second to none. Especially since the rollout of Insight Broadband 20.0.. I signed up immediately after it was available, and I was pleasantly surprised. I've consistently ran at 99 to 125% above my rated line speed. The nearest competitor, Cincinnati Bell only offers at maximum, 3MB down, a far cry from Insight's most basic offering..

Just for giggles and grins, I ran a speed test as I was posting this..

From Judge #1, Knology's speedtest system:

Test Result:
Download Speed: 20472 kbps (2559 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 1265 kbps (158.1 KB/sec transfer rate)

From Judge #2, Insight Louisville #1:

Your Download Speed = 24.09Mbps
Your Upload Speed = 1.20Mbps


Michael Willner has good reason to be proud of his Insight.

Let him "toot that horn" because it's 3,000 times better than Comcast's horn.


Micheal is one of the most annoying people I've ever seen.

The best thing he could do for the customer is keep quiet.

He loves to blow his own horn though.

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