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Tuesday, July 08, 2008


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I am a comcast suisbrbcer for basic cable at this time. I feel they already charge twenty to thirty dollars too much per month for the package I got which includes phone, high speed inet, TV basic cable. Their customer service has long been poor though they are now advertising improvements. Having them take control of a TV network is threatening to my wallet. I am a football fan and if they take football off basic cable I will likely become a Direct TV customer and use a cell phone. They need to realize that we are their bread and butter and not mess with us consumers as you have indicated they most certainly will. We do have other options other than comcast. If they gouge me for more money, I am gone. Tell them that.


To avoid the redirection, stop using Insight's DNS servers. Switch to OpenDNS (http://www.opendns.com ). They have a "typo correction" feature that will route you to a search page if the typo can't be corrected, but you can easily turn off (or customize) this feature.


Hello. I am a business customer of insight, and recently typoed a URL in my browser, and got redirected to some yahoo page shoving advertisements at me. This upset me because I have several services that my customers use that require NO DNS redirection. So I click on the about at the bottom of the page to "opt-out". Now at this point I am thinking GREAT they thought of people who actually know what they are doing and can handle a mistyped URL without having to call support. But nay this "opt-out" simply sets a cookie and you get a fake Internet explorer error page. Now i can understand the insight is in business to make money and while home users might find this slightly annoying it does not really impact them that much. However I believe this is unacceptable on a business account. Irun a web hosting and design business and switching to level 3's servers will solve my problem however there is a latency issue sometimes with using those servers as they tend to get saturated. In the hosting business your severs need to respond very very quickly and using level 3's DNS serves have increased my page load times by about 500 MS. This is alot. To solve this issue I would recommend Insight should set up a couple recursive DNS servers that do no use DNS redirection.

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