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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


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I've had Insight's HD going on 5 months now and I get sound drop outs & pixel artifacts. I will admit that the artifacts are not excessive, but the sound drop outs are. Reading through "AVS Forums" HD satellite picture quality seem to get very high marks...

Clay Foody

Michael, I don't know why our local cable companies (Insight, and Time Warner and WOW) don't mention their superior bitrate for high definition programming in any of their marketing.

Recently AT&T has come into our town, going door-to-door and blatantly lying to the public, promising fiber optic TV service into their home (it's just IPTV over ADSL2) and jamming the airwaves with ads bragging about how many more HD channels they have than the local cable competition. The picture quality AT&T delivers is a blur of twice-compressed MPEG artifacts, and if there is enough camera movement the overall picture can get so bad that standard def can seem like an upgrade.

I don't know how satellite providers are able to deliver so much high-def content either, I'm assuming they are recompressing their broadcast streams as well.

If Insight is delivering fewer channels because the want to keep the integrity of the original broadcast, then I commend the company for it. But if the public is unaware that your picture is better than the competition I don't see it working in your favor.

Is Insight planning on comparing their HD image quality to AT&T's stuttering, glitchy, and blurred TV service in any of their marketing?

Clay Foody
Columbus, OH


Hopefully when they do go around to adding channels its at least 8 or 10 channels. All this waiting sucks so hopefully they make it worth the wait.


I've having a real problem with the small allotment of HD channels Insight offers for their prices. I, like others, cann't understand how Dish & Direct can offer so many more HD channels at somewhat lower pricing, yet Insight can't seem to offer even some of the most basic HD channels that have been around for a while now.
Also, the Moto DCH-6416 DVR/HD STB is an archaic piece of A/V equipment as it is presented to Insight customers. The remote has functions on it that are not activated for Insight customers to use, and the STB is very slow to respond making it problematic to use.
In this age of HD & TiVo, there should be no reason why a company like Insight would not have a more user friendly STB, or at least an offer to upgrade (if money is the issue) to a better STB unit. Dishtv & Directv offer choices on STBs.
Why, Michael? Why?

Steve Pugh

Hi Michael, Great Blog. My question is about HDTV again. Why can't insight simply offer all channels that Insight carries that broadcast in HD? If they broadcast in HD and insight carries that network why is it that they all can't be broadcast in HD? I have to admit that the Turbo HD service that Dish carries is very tempting, however It would Highly be my preference to remain with Insight.


So basically it's going to be a very long time before insight gets on the ball and actually adds any HD programming. The lack of HD programming on insight is RIDICULOUS. I am getting ready to switch from insight cable to DirecTV because insight simply does not have even half of the HD content that direct has. The fact that I am going to have to switch to directv to get decent HD is an absolute joke. Insight needs to get on the ball, or I fear you will lose a lot more customers.

Steven Pugh

We want MORE HD Now!! (smile)

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