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Tuesday, July 01, 2008


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The average Am/Idol wechtar has no idea why drugs are illegal or why alcohol is not. In PA, cops are now raiding homes, jailing people for possesion of marajuana with at least a $10,000 bail. You can punch your girlfriend and break some teeth for a lesser bond. Drugs are illegal but we have hundreds of thousands of drugstores. This does nothing but confuse the kids. And us.


The industry is in trboule because they continue to refuse to change. To recover they need to start making major changes. Move more towards DVD On Demand, eliminate regions so that consumers can buy DVDs from all over the world, and make a faster transition to Blu-ray.There is no real excuse for studios continuing to release DVDs when people have Blu-ray players. And those that don't will go out and buy one if they can only get their favorite movies & TV on Blu-ray.As for eliminating the region codes, it will significantly expand the market for DVDs all over the world. A person in the US could buy a TV show from the UK without any need to be worried about regions. And the cost of making the DVDs will decrease because only complete package is being created instead of one for each region.


I actually liked their show. I was plsetanaly surprised because of how conservative I am, but I do appreciate irreverance (contradictory I know). My sense of humor is very offbeat. However, I just cancelled all of my premium channels cuz I don't watch them enough and have Netflix to satisfy my movie cravings. I will just find a friend to tape Dead Like Me'. That is the only reason I held on to the premium cable as long as I did. The rest of it I can live without.

Michael Willner

Oops. Meant to say "one of the last."

Shawn Price

In your blog post you stated Louisville simply was the last to go. What about Columbus, OH? We still have analog HBO, Showtime and Cinemax.

Michael Willner

If you want to rid yourself of all boxes, the only solution will be when tru2way cable cards are available. They are in the early stage of development with six cable operators. You will need a digital TV with tru2way technology build into it. Once we are comfortable that they work well, we will likely make the new cable cards available in our markets too. However, that's not right around the corner.

So for now, in order to get HBO and Showtime, you will need one of our boxes which we are making available as easily as possible.


What I am wondering is if I buy a new Tv with a Digital Tuner or if I get one of the Digital boxes, will I still need one of the boxes from Insight?


The question I have, is if I buy a new Tv with a Digital Tuner, will I still need the new box from Insight?


What I would like to know is, why are the digital counterparts to unscrambled analog channels, scrambled? You know, channels like TBS, TNT, etc. For that matter, why are the HD versions of those same channels also scrambled? Why aren't they "in the clear" for those who have TVs with ATSC/QAM digital tuners?

Is this going to be the trend forevermore? Until Insight starts employing things like switched video, etc., it seems like just another way to force us into renting a box. I don't currently have a box, nor do I want one. Why should I be penalized for that?


While I understand your reasons to make this change, I don't understand why you are making it hard on customers. I have the "old" HBO service. When I called in to request a box, I was told that I will get the box free for 1 year, then after that I have to pay for the box. The operator was not able to tell me what kind of box this is (DVR or regular), I was told I have to call a different number. And then worst of all, they will ONLY do installations during the week during the standard times 8 am - 12 noon and 1 -5 pm. What are people who work 8-5 supposed to do? Take a day off for those wide open times. I am not at all happy! I don't understand why they can't install on the weekend like a normal installation. And then, where is the information on this on the insight-com.com website? A search on the website for "HBO migration" only gives a posting for a retirement. You have to get lucky to even find this posting.
Why wasn't this change announced in my billing materials? I think I should just cancel my HBO service. Maybe more...


Very informative post. Thank you.

Now, what is Insight's plan for switched digital video (SDV)? I have a cablecard and am wondering how this will affect me.

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