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Friday, July 18, 2008


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Updated: Garmin's Product Support Specialists come through again N.P. sent me a rcanpeemelt windshield mount that features a plug from the cord in to the mount, so the part that frayed doesn't even exist in this version.Garmin has top-notch product support and in my experience they always do the right thing in the end.


Cable with Ipod Plug For Apple iPod Photo, Video, Classic, Touch, Nano 3rd Generation, iPhone 1st Generation Only 1st Gen (Electronics) The title of this product is mineiadlsg. This does not work with the latest firmware from Apple for the IPod Touch. You need an authentic , Apple approved, cable that has a chip to identify it as such. This cable will not work. Of course the seller does not just come out and say that here the title clearly states it will work with the Touch, but beware it doesn't.


Why do I get the feeling that what Rudd wants and what Fielding wants are two colemetply different things?Either that, or he's hoping the turbocharged internet will balanced out the filter's ability to slow it down.Think about it. A Filter that slows down internet AND a plan to boost the internet speed in Australia? What he wants is to create the filter to protect the kids and use the Fibre Optic High speed internet plan to boost the speed of the net to compensate.Not that I think the plan will work, but I can see where his train of thought lies.

Moose Head

USENET is the equivalent of the Internet's red light district for child porn. Blocking users from accessing it (or at least alt.* groups) is going to stop a large percentage of child porn trafficking on Insight's network.

This is something worth announcing, and it's a lot more than just a PR stunt.

David Crowell

I really have to take issue with the "fight the proliferation of online child pornography" part. I assume you're just checking web space of users, and killing off part of Usenet? (at least for Insight servers)

The Usenet choice will get rid of some child pornography, but there are hundreds (thousands?) of other Usenet servers to choose from.

I also doubt that home users are uploading this material to personal web space. If they are, at least you've got good logs of who did it.

It will have little impact on the availability of child pornography, but is a nice little PR boost for the industry.

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