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Thursday, June 19, 2008


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Matthew G

Caps are just another way for ISPs to drain money out of customers, and the only benefit to the ISP is based on the fact that ISPs over-sell their grid, with the assumption not everyone will be on at the same time. Caps are going backwards technology wise, not forward, as it will return to the days of AOL/Compuserve/Progidy networks.

I've been a happy customer of Insight for over 8 years now, with all the packages, and all the frills. I go out of my way to brag about how great my ISP is to my friends. With that said, should Insight ever implement caps, I will drop all of my services the same day and spend my money elsewhere.

Love the blog, keep up the good work, and please don't force me to go somewhere else.

steve s

This is just another way to make more money for cable companies. This has nothing to do with one customer using more than another. The cable companies are making a profit with High Speed cable now. They want to make more. I think if they want to cap our speed we should cap income. We grant them permission to operate in our community. If they want to increase our cost this way we should limit their income. We will not take this without a fight so, study on.


If there's Caps or metering then shouldn't unused bandwidth roll over?

Jon H

It seems to me that implementing caps is precisely the opposite of what ISPs need to be doing. Slowly but surely, things that we've been used to keeping on our local machines are moving to the internet. Web apps are becoming richer, and people are streaming movies from Netflix. Reading pages online to kill time has turned into watching videos on Youtube. Customers' data transfer needs are growing, and fast. In this environment, deciding to restrict the amount of data that we can send and receive is insane, and doubly so if we're being restricted based on a quantity we can't check. The day Insight implements caps (if ever, and I hope this day doesn't come) is the day I look for another company to get my internet access from.

John B

Caps are crap. If you want raise prices to keep caps away. We customers pay enough already in my opinion.

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