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Friday, June 27, 2008


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Hmmmmmm....Just seen on whas 11 news that insight communications is being bought by Time Warner....Hmmmmmmm.....We may never get HBO GO now :(. Where is AT&T's U-Verse???


It seems to be taking forever (if at all) , but when can we paying customers reasonably expect to be presented with HBO GO? Aside from TWC, we apparently are another body of cable consumers who are not being given our monies worth of a chance to enjoy what others are freely enjoying! What's up with that?


How long after the digital changeover will Insight continue to provide the analog tier of stations on channels 2-98 before reallocating these frequencies to digital programming?


Hi Michael... I thank you for giving us an inside idea of what goes on at Insight. I was wondering, however, if you could possibly post a blog about what comes next for Insight, and also could you PLEASE post something about WAVE - TV here in Louisville being the FIRST and ONLY station to go completely HD in Louisville. It's a HUGE milestone here in KY, and I'm sure, the remaining "laggers" will try to catch up to WAVE's ever growing leaps into the future. Thanks Michael.. and have a good day.
-RCA (Yes, that really is my initials.. and NO, I don't own a RCA TV or anything. =))


Why is it necessary to make users pay for additional digital boxes to see HBO and Showtime. Is the government driving this change.

How come i don't need a digital box to see all of the other channels?

Seems to be a way to get people who want premium channels to pay even more to the ever rising cost of cable.

This HBO change is costing me more for less service. Thanks.

Do you understand that 8 HBO channels is 6 HBO channels too many.

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