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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


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Mr. Willner:

The e-mail address you provided appears to be invalid. I have a customer service problem that has been persistent for over two years, and I believe you should know about it. I want to send an e-mail explaining the problem.

Is there a way that I can do that?

fred lavender

Micheal Willner , I remember back in the day ,black and white TV's was the thing of the future , but now everything is in color and so is the money , now if we are going to go back in the past , should'nt our bills do a rollback since the color rolled back, this is the new age,bright and vibrant color's in High Definition.I would like to keep moving forward with Insight instead of the other cable carrier who is not thinking about stiffen their customers.So please bring back the color version, thank you.


I agree, I am living in Canada, and I looove your show and would love to see what you could do for us !!!


Thanks for the read. I agree with the points you made.

Jennifer Wehrle

If this Blog isn't the format to state a formal complaint, then where? I have had an awful customer service experience today, but I can't find a platform to connect with Insight on this issue.

It's great that you want to "reach out," but where are you when a long-term customer has a problem?

ken hedges

Hi Michael!!

My name is Ken hedges and I have been using cable when it was called @Home. I was one of the first to sign up at the Mall. I use newsgroups and have been for a long time. I started in the 70's with a dial-up 2600 modem. When the fAST STUFF came around I thought I was in heaven. I was WRONG! The newsgroups at AT&T sucked a little, but GiGaNeWs, is the worst! I can download more, faster with a dial-up 56k modem with the download cap Giganews puts on YOUR customers. I wish this could change to faster speeds. I have 20mb download speed with the internet, so fast, but with the newsgroups, i might as well have dial-up. I was hopeing you could look into this and get the speeds were they need to be with Insight. I'm getting feed-up with the download caps on newsgroups. Will you at least look into this for us news guys? I know Giganews gets 29.99 a month for their services but, we need the speed to. get rid of the download cap speed from giganews or change to another provider like AT&T.

Thanks and have a Great Day!!

Lisa McHargue

I have insight digital cable. I pre recorded one show for one hour and it taped at least 10 hours of shows I did not set up for recording. Thus deleting some very important shows I had saved to my DVR.I was told by insight sorry computer glitch we cannot get your saved shows back.I do not believe this is true. Two of the recordings were shows I taped with my children in them.How can I get these back?

Susan Ruelas

Mr. Wilner,
When are we going to be able to get phone in Brandenburg Ky.? I know Brandenburg Telephone Company is selling cable tv. So why can't we get phone service through Insight in that area?
Thanks in advance for your reply.
Susan Ruelas

Ty Thompson

Micheal -

We have been Insight customers for 3 years now and have enjoyed the service. The only customer service question/concern I'd like to bring up is the inability to receive electronic (PDF) bills. I access other bills (cell phone, credit card, utility) online in a PDF form. Would Insight be willing to also utilize electronic billing? It seems to be a good for Insight as well in that less money spent on paper and mailing.

tammie shockley

We and i mean everyone in Layafyette Indiana wants insight back comcast is robbing us blind the worst customer service ever why did you leave us ?

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