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Saturday, June 21, 2008


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Poor Michael went to the doctors yerdastey and had blood drawn to check for food allergies. He is starting on some asthma meds because he is wheezing and has had a cold/airway congestion, etc.. for over a month. The Zyrtec isn't helping much anymore and it makes him so sleepy. I hate having to cram meds down Michael but if it helps then it is worth it. He is such a good boy about taking things I give him.I don't think Michael has Autism and I am sure it won't be hard to get an ADHD diagnosis by the 2nd grade. Michael just beats to a different drum and he will grow out of all this. Parenting is NOT for wimps!(Hubby) Poor little guy. I hope we get the organic issues resolved soon, so he can make a good start in Kindergarten later this year.


I am just a lowly Google user and I love Google. I just want to say that I totally rpseect Google for the stand you've taken on China. I say YOU GO GOOGLE!!!! FREEEDOOOOMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!V BerryWenatchee, WA

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