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Tuesday, May 06, 2008


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Debbie S.

At long last, a CEO that's a "real person". I'm totally impressed and more than a bit surprised. When I watched a Insight commercial, I thought you were really just an actor, but no, it's really you! Really? Can I pinch you?

Honestly though, I am very impressed that you are not above the folks who use your service and you seem, just like the rest of us, though you are a CEO of a major company.

Your company is one I've been with since 2001, when I moved to NKY. We started with @Home but soon moved to Insight. We've been through some rough times but we've hung tight and I'm happy to say our service is great with a few exceptions. But nothing is perfect, right?

Steve Pugh

Hi, Just wanted to know when Insight will be upgrading it's HDTV channels, I really enjoy HD TV and hope you can add alot more HD service soon.

Frank Colon

To: Insight CEO

Have you done any marketing reaserch on the Sapnish population here in Louisville...duhhhh.! we are sick and tired of just one channel in have any idea about how much money you are loosing because of that...I will switch to Dish or Direct-TV as soon as possible.........


Also you advertise DSL 20.0 for $ 20.00 a month...I have to pay $ 44.00...what is wrong with this picture....?

Kenny Auker

PLEASE, Take back the Anderson, IN area from Comcast! Our prices went up and service went down. We can't call and get someone here in Anderson. I always get someone in St Louis or Canada. Insight was SOOOOOO Much better!!!!


After seeing your post advertising this on advertising this, I had to come over to check it out.. I'm glad to see your still pushing to be active directly with the customers.

I would like to make a suggestion though in response to Corina's, and I'm not sure how Insight would feel about this.. But instead of the menu system, just have a human answer. No buttons, just a person. That'd be the best improvement to the menu system IMHO.

c martin

i wish insight would offer cell phone services that would be awesome but i hate when i call in and your employees want to pressure me into buying phone and internet makes me uncomfortable thanks

Danielle Perry

I think this is so awesome and I look forward to visiting and participating regularly.


I applaud you for doing this. It is awesome that you want to make yourself approachable in such a public way.

Angie in NKY

I work in the Northern Kentucky Call Center, I get calls day in and day out from customer's. I was also a Public Relations Major in college (which by the way, I didn't finish) but I can tell you from someone who takes customer calls all day long there are two problems Insight needs to address. #1 the phone tree, customers hate it and we get constant complaints about it. They hate pushing all those buttons to get to a live person. We should have an option in the beginning that says for automated options push 1 and for a live representative push 2 and then take them through the prompts for sales or current customer.

#2 A new marketing campaign may work too, you could call it no nonsense, advertise the cable/bb/phone with the taxes built into it the price...nobody else does it and we could make ourselves unique that way. Think of all those other companies out there, and I live the customer's will find it refreshing. And that way we could emphasize all the hidden fees and charges that satellite and phone companies charge.

Just some ideas for you.

Your Friendly Neighborhood CSR


I have seen previous responses that you have made on broadband report and I think that it is amazing that you care enough to not only take a look at what the average joe has to say but you care enough to let them know the truth.

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