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Thursday, May 29, 2008


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Thanks you dropping by, yes I feel that mind/body cotnecnion and inner peace, it was not there at the start but sort of crept up on me which is wonderful. I agree most people (me included) focused on the weight loss, but healing has been big as well and this feeling is of course what life is all about!


Thanks for dropping by. Well filtsry, check my day 40 video for a demonstration of my juicing my favorite juice. I go through most of what is required to get the most out of juicing in my various videos, so feel free to watch some to get the information. Also ask any questions you have, I am happy to answer them as well. I pretty well just started and winged it for the first few days and learned more as I went along.


ha ha, yes she is cheating with a new man love that Great to hear you are on day 5, and yes I felt relstess sometimes and craved the bad stuff. I just drank a ton of water, took a bath, had a sleep, etc kept myself real busy and those feelings went away. Unfortunately I did not find a specific drink combination to stop this. I also focused on what was happening (the weight I had already lost) and that helped a lot. Hope this helps a bit.


I wanna to build like this, but i don't have money :AMD Phenom II X6 1055T or AMD Bulldozer 125W 8-CoresMSI 990FX-GD80 MotherboardMSI Radeon HD 6950 in 3-Way CrossfireXCorsair H80 CoolingCorsair Obsidian 800D Full-Tower CaseCorsair 2 x 2GB 1866Mhz Kits in 2, so total 8 GB with Corsair RAM FansCorsair AX850 PSUCorsair SSD SATA III 60 GBWD Veliraptor 10000 rpm 600 GBAnd a Dell 27 LCD MonitorI Hope my dream come true when my boss give me promote


Michael ...
I need a simple anwer to the February 2009 digital conversion.

If someone is currently receiving analog cable service from Insight ... will they still receive the analog signal from Insight after February 2009.

In other words, if we have analog Classic Cable will we need a convertor box


Since I saw no feedback link.... It would be nice to also see your views on some charitable events and groups you and/or Insight Communications are actively involved in and believe in. As I am part of a group that regularly donates and raises money, would be refreshing to see someone at your level of a company enter that personal arena.

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