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Thursday, May 15, 2008


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Hi Benoit, you didn't store your images in a sdoeblufr in the slideshow's plugin folder, did you? Because other people have had that problem. If so, you'll have to recreate that sdoeblufr and re-upload the images. To avoid this problem at every upgrade, you'd better store the images somewhere else, outside of the plugin folder.If this doesn't solve your problem, could you please give me a link so I can check your website? If you don't want to post it here, send it to me using the contact form (see contact' in the top menu).Oh, and please, next time ask support questions in the support forum.

Wyatt Ditzler

For a few network management is not an issue of whether it should be done. The underlying assumption is that if the network manages the traffic the network can also manage the information that goes across. Effectively ending any sense of privacy in electronic communications.

Personally, I have become a convert from the 'network neutrality' group because I think they are missing the mark. We need to have a discussion to insure that the Internet is working effectively, fairly, and still allows for privacy (mindful of the law etc). This would require defining privacy in the electronic context. The other portion is oversight as to whether ISPs follow the legislation.


I agree that that QOS is an important tool in keeping service freely flowing to all paying subscribers.
However, it's also important that it not be employed as a means to block or charge premium fees to access certain parts of the internet (i.e, ebay, youtube, gaming ports, p2p, etc...)

In this article, Michael says Insight is "content agnostic" and that's very reassuring to hear. I would be interested in reading a more in-depth article on Michael's views on Net Neutrailty.

Dave Wallace II

I totally agree that network management is a must to running a good network.

However I think that insight and other cable companies are stricter with network management because all the phone customers are on the same cable modem network. (I think they are using QOS for VOIP).

I know this because I hooked my old cable modem up with ethereal and noticed a much of 10.X.X.X address after looking at the packets I discovered that they were Arris/other phone adapters. (I like Arris since I owned some of their stock)

Hands down insight cable modem service is fast and in fact the new 20 mbps plan is faster than Verizon Fios downstream (Not upstream).
The only thing that bugs me about the cable modem service is if you have a ****** neighbor he/she can stiff your packets and see what you’re doing.

Michael, thanks for the blog I enjoy reading your posts.

Can you answer a few questions?

1- Why are phone customers not on a different CMTS system?

2- What are the bit rates of the HD feeds?
a. Are any of the hd feed’s coming off the HITS 105 bird?

3- Clear QAM anytime soon?

Best Regards
Dave Wallace II

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