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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


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melissa wilson

Have been an insight customer for over 10 years. Have all three services offered, paying over $180 per month for them.
Sat next to a girl at work and heard her bragging about her insight bill only being $120 per month for the first 12 months.
As a long time customer I feel very cheated.
So get the new customer in and make the current loyal customers carry the weight and pay more so the new can have a great deal?
I emailed insight the same as I am typing here and got a response saying we may be able to put you into another campaign to lower your rates for 12 months.
Why not offer that deal without a complaint to keep me using the service?
Imagine the ammount of quiet customers who will never be offered "new campaign" prices they have.
I feel if there is a better deal on the service your customer has then offer it to them, keep them happy and as a customer.
Dont wait til they figure out they are getting ripped off they offer a great deal.
Bad business and I dont need cable that bad.
More choices out there from honest companies anyway

David Crowell


I understand your frustration with lack of HD content on Insight. I watch little TV, and canceled my Insight service, except for the broadband.

I bought a $70 outdoor antenna, and watch OTA HD. I also have a home theater PC for other content, but I don't have a monthly bill for TV anymore. Just whatever content I choose to pay for.

Satellite may have more HD choices, but honestly, there isn't enough HD content out there yet. I love my new HDTV, but it has actually caused me to like TV even less :)

So yeah, more on-topic, Insight isn't truly a monopoly. For most people, there are many other choices. They are only a monopoly in the sense of stringing coaxial cable to your house.


Dave, your comment about cable being a "shared service" is one I have seen all over the net, and for some reason it has always bothered me.

The truth is, the entire Internet is a shared service, and every single ISP shares bandwidth among its customers. It's more a matter of where the sharing occurs, than whether it occurs.

Have a read over at http://www.dslreports.com/faq/7135 for some more information on the subject.

Also, I'm not sure about where you are, but in my house, I have Starz On-Demand HD which usually has a decent little selection of movies on-demand for no additional charge in HD, and I think they're rolling out more channels that way soon. I watched Bee Movie just the other day on it.

That's not counting all the paid On-Demand movies, either. As companies go all-digital, more bandwidth opens up for all sorts of cool things.


It is a monopoly mandated by local government.

That means when another cable company comes in there turned around and sent back home.

I remember insight was taken to court when another company wanted access and Insight said no... This was on local news for one day then disappeared with no follow up.

Dave Wallace II

I wish you would change the Louisville system to all digital like RCN in Chicago. But wait before you think everyone we need an overpriced DCT box Just make the “Classic and Basic” Clear QAM Channels.

The reason I say this is because I switched over to dish network about a month ago. The reason I switched was my cable bill with insight was over $170 and I was only getting like 15 HD Channels. Dish network just added 22 more channels on May 12 which include CNBC-HD (Sweet).

I kept the basic service and HBO and Showtime for the on demand feature. I would have kept the cable modem however insight would not give me the $30 per month price instead something like $44.95 No problem I just order a Naked DSL with AT&T for only $23.95 per month (Half the Price of insight) and no tax they have a special ten dollars off any Naked DSL Package forever.

It makes me mad that in my mind you are trying to become an ISP and Voice provider more than your bread and butter which is video. Your Phone service is a good deal (Unless you hook up with Magicjack). Your internet is the fastest however since it’s a shared network you guys get pretty pissed off if you upload 5GB per day.
The way I look at this is I just spent $2,000 dollars on a 1080p LCD and I want HD channels. I don’t care about 10X the choice of satellite because of on demand (ITS NOT HDTV). I want HDTV I don’t care about phone service (In the next 5 years it will be almost free) Companies like SKY-Angel have an IPTV service now. Wait what about AT&T U-verse which will be in Louisville sometime. They have the fast internet speeds like you also have phone service like you and they have more HD then you oh and then also have the quad play (wireless).

I hope to see Clear QAM Channels soon the cost of your DVR at $15.95 per month seems like a rip-off to me. (Yes I know you can get a cable card I don’t what one I want Clear QAM)
Best Regards

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