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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


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Raymond Seskey

I have sent in 2 or 3 suggestions to my insight provider (Evansville, IN) regarding the ability to view bills online. I have never received a response. I would think that the ability to offer e-billing as opposed to paper would result in some savings. Thank you

P.S. I have about a 95% favorability rating with your company, I have to admit that cable cost's are high, but it is what it is, however I do think that you could occasionally offer longtime loyal customers with some of the same discounts offered on multi package discounts to new customers.


You have to expect it.

With the cost of living going up and wages staying the same people are thinking about what's important and cable is a luxury not a necessity.

...Again, I still think cable companies should be a service provider for other media outfits. This would allow competition and keep down cost for cable companies and consumers.


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