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Why the #*@# Am I Doing This?

It's conventional wisdom.  When it comes to communicating with the public, most companies take the safest path.  They usually play their cards pretty close to their chest.  I'm joining the blogsosphere to challenge that "wisdom."

So, I have created this blog and will use a part of my day to write about what is going on in the world of cable.  I hope to discuss the things that we at Insight Communications and others in the cable industry deal with in bringing you your cable, Internet and phone services.  And I hope to hear back from you about what you are thinking of us.  We all can learn from one another by communicating points of views in a free and open exchange. 

For my part, I'll try to explain some of the why's behind things we do and don't do.  I won't shy away from challenging public opinion nor am I afraid to push my own industry to rethink certain positions or to improve the way we do things.  Public policy issues, from a-la-carte television to net neutrality, won't be off limits,  nor will the need for cable to improve customer service.  We'll look to the future and explain the past, or at least try to.  Oh, I have a life outside of work too, so every now and then, when I really feel like it, I just might write about other things on my mind.  How about those New York Giants!!?!!

For those of you who don't know me, beside being Insight's CEO, I am very active in the cable industry.  I have served twice as Chairman of the National Cable & Telecommunications Association and remain very active representing the cable industry.  I am also not affraid challenge my industry's conventional positions and performance so I've grown accustomed to people differing with my opinion. 

But that's fine.  That's why I'm here.  Let's start now to have an open, candid, and honest dialogue about television, broadband and telephone services and the issues affecting how we bring them to you and how you receive them.

Welcome to my new blog.  I hope you will visit often.


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