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Monday, March 14, 2011


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I'm not against plictioal party's in general. The issue is plictioal accountability. If a particular plictioal organization is true to its principles and mission the party can provide the much needed experience, leadership and conduit to educate and engage the masses.The problem with the RNC and DNC? Both lack principles and a mission that truly represents all of the people. Big money corporations control the post-election activities from either the RNC or DNC. Therefore, neither are accountable to the masses they're elected to represent. A non-partisan, as in local Spokane elections can be easily co-opted by the same interests that co-opt partisan candidates.

Roger Chui

This is the best March Madness I have ever seen! Here in Lexington, 3 out of 4 channels are HD, or I can watch online or use my phone. Unfortunately it's also going to be a very UNproductive study/work month, I think! Haha!


I think this should have been a must for ALL Insight markets. What use do you think many people have for truTV after the tournament?


Why are channels in the classic package that are available in HD not available in the boxless line up? I understand the claim that there are no extra programming fees, but the claim that they are free when I need to rent a box for each TV does not see to be an accurate statement.

BTW, we love the boxless option. Although, the family is having problem with the new numbers. Change is hard. ;)


I wish that we could get truTV HD early in the rest of the markets, such as Bowling Green. We like our basketball down here too!


Great news! Thanks and looking forward to all the other great channels in HD that are coming soon.

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