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Friday, May 14, 2010


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I'm a Insight Customer as well. I previously lived in Holland where my Internet was 100Mbps down and up and Unlimited. When I lived in Michigan, Verizon's VIOS offered 50/20. The problem you have from what I have been told is you have not invested into Fiber infrastructure. And too many of your customer have the 20.0 package and don't use it. The lines are shared so they have to set up a amount for each person and limit. I say you open the lines. Monitor how much each Resident uses and offer them a package based on what they need not what they are up sold. Grandma who reads her email every now and then does not need 20Megs more like 5 or less for that matter.
[/end rant]


sineswiper: I would DIE to have DSL. I'm stuck with satellite or dialup. PLEASE, Insight, ROLL OUT BROADBAND across your ENTIRE service area! We recently cut our subscription after over ten years of being paying customers because we're going over to Dish Network because you don't offer ANY HD here! Or any digital service at all!


Personally, I've been happy with my service. I've seen the competition with my mother-in-law's service in Bardstown, KY. They either have a choice of satellite, which sucks and is expensive, or Bardstown Cable, which sucks worse, or DSL, which is a joke.

Paul Templeton

Ya its the same old story.
We Americans pay twice as much for a third of the bandwidth the rest of the industrialized world enjoys.


Don't worry...
When your upload speed increases *2Mbs* more, you'll be paying $30+ more monthly fee with a across the board increase for everybody. How does DOCSIS 3.0 sound now?

Mark R

Completely agree with the well-stated post by Brian. Mr. Willner, WHEN WILL WE GET THE "NEW" HD CHANNELS YOU ADVERTISED IN JANUARY!!!! Other providers have had these for YEARS!!! Insight is like having "dial-up" AOL when everyone around us is zooming past us.


Let me get this right. TimeWarner has proven 300Mbps over cable yet Insight *STILL* has not rolled out 30Mbps in Louisville.

While I'm an Insight customer (only due to lack of choice in Louisville), I cannot understand your posts. You continuously write about what *other* network providers are doing for increased speed. Yet, your own Insight colleagues have not communicated what Insight's plans are to select an implementation date for 30.0 service, much less the jump to 100Mbs and higher speeds.

Kindly ask that you begin to maintain pace with your cable peers.

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