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Friday, August 28, 2009


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Hi David,i'm just starting your book; php slutoions! I've a new imac with leopard installed; I'm trying to open the php.ini settings but I can't get in the directory in the terminal; I get this message:anne-marie-van-dongens-imac:~ myusername$ CD/private/etc-bash: CD/private/etc: No such file or directoryi'm trying to find an answer on the different forums but maybe you could help me out as well?? thanks,Anne-marie


I never could get it working after much recearsh and headache. What I ended up doing was installing MAMP (and changing to the default apache and mysql ports in prefs per your suggestion on another site) and then using Headdress to set up the virtual hosts. The final missing link was to choose the folders for local root folder, images folder and testing server folder in manage sites the way you explained it in the book (select the exact root folder), but because Headdress uses port-based virtual hosts, the URL prefix field on the testing server pane of manage sites needs to say the address for the virtual site given by Headdress (i.e. ). After that, virrtual hosts finally worked again!

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